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Recently, another substation site in Bangladesh successfully delivered power. As the largest inter-governmental power cooperation project between China and Bangladesh since the two countries established diplomatic relations, the power transmission and transformation project signed by Xinjiang TBEA and the Bangladesh government includes the construction and upgrading of multiple substations in Bangladesh. It is gradually transforming Dhaka. The region will expand the capacity of the power grid system to improve the power shortage problem in the Dhaka area, improve and strengthen the stability and security of the power grid system in the Dhaka area, and play an important role in protecting and strengthening the national power grid of Bangladesh.


With its multiple advantages such as high reliability, high efficiency and stability, as well as the company's advanced production and processing capabilities, mature and reliable standardized products, Credo Pump FM fire pumps have supplied fire protection products to more than 20 power stations for power transmission and transformation projects in Bangladesh. 

Credo Pump's strong sales and after-sales service team provides fast and high-quality support and services to ensure the normal operation of the fire protection systems in each substation.

As one of the few domestic industrial water pump companies with multiple certifications such as domestic CCCF, international UL, FM, and SPAN, our fire pumps integrate many design and practical-level functional features specified by CCCF, FM, UL, NFPA and other standards:

1. Solid structure: The pump body has passed the maximum pressure test and can withstand a pressure of at least 2.76MPa.

2. High reliability: The exquisitely designed and highly reliable impeller prevents the fire pump from overloading when equipped with a suitable driving device, making it safer and more reliable.

3. High efficiency: Scientific structural design can effectively prevent the generation of swirling flow, while also reducing water flow resistance and improving the efficiency of the water pump.

4. Stable operation: It can maintain stable operation even in harsh environments such as earthquakes. The bearing body is specially designed to effectively absorb and disperse vibration, while also meeting the operating life of 5000+ hours under extreme working conditions;

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